Saturday, August 16, 2008


I came to the Thurber House (with clay MILO in tow) to work on his book and spent the month revising, editing, writing a few new awesome chapters and drawing over 40 cartoons to accompany the text of MILO. I feel great and now only worry how to hold on to this feeling and keep it with me as my "real life" embraces me with open arms (and bills to pay) back in Montreal!

The month flew by. And now as I pack the car that only a minute ago (it seems) arrived in front of 77 Jefferson Ave in Columbus, Ohio - it's time for MILO and me to say goodbye to the fantastic people who made my stay in the Thurber House cozy, care-free and so very productive.

Susanne Jaffe - Executive Director of Thurber House (and MILO)
You opened the door for me to have the creative adventure of a lifetime - and gave great restaurant suggestions too.

Pat Shannon - Director of Children's Programs (and MILO)
Thank you for that phone call last March when you said "YES". You made it so easy to be here. Thanks also for the clean sheets - and for reminding me to actually use them.

Meg (and MILO)
I always knew when you were in one of my camp workshops when the laughs came from the counselor side of the room. Thank you for reading (and liking!) the "work-in-progress" and for that iced espresso that was perfect.

Anne (and MILO).
I know the Ghost Story books you lent me would've been amazing -and I promise to find them again and read them once I get the courage. Oh, and the Literary picnics were a blast - thanks for saving me a real chair!

(CWIR = Childrens Writer in residence)

Anna (and MILO).
Thank you for the smile every time I entered the door - and for that wild lunch when you, Anne and I watched the cicada emerge from it's shell.

And last but not least....

Crazy Banana (and MILO)
Thank you for not terrorizing me at night when I was all alone in the big scary house. Stay cool!

I will miss you all (well, not you, Banana) and want you to know you have each added to this incredible experience that I'll always have with me.

Alan and MILO!

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