Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Tomorrow I'm off for a week of Writing and Wresting (everyone join in:...."ahhhh!"). All "job" projects are on hold - and it's me, my son, our dog and my new Macbook - and a week at our favorite cabin on the coast of Maine.

I'm already picturing the porch that overlooks the water and my setup, where I'll write everyday! BOOK TWO calls loud and clear and I am forging forward with ideas that seem disjointed and odd - but I secretly know they'll all tie together. (or maybe there's that job at McDonalds....)

Above is a Brain-Doodle that wanted to jump out and become part of the BOOK TWO story....
I think he'll fit in perfectly!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Two words:

Man, I wish I had a name like that. Mine has all those bouncing syllables and stuff. His...simple bookends. Now we all know Mr. Zusak's THE BOOK THIEF - which was a wonderful read and I enjoyed it for all the praise-worthy reasons.

BUT - having just finished I AM THE MESSENGER I have to stand up and cheer - and hand out recommendations to anyone looking for a mysteryious, thoughtful, deeply funny first person narrative. I don't pretend to be a "reviewer" so I'll keep my horn-tootin' to this:

Read it. All the way to the last words that gave me chills.

On a related note: I didn't READ it. I listened to it on a car ride my son and I took last weekend to New Hampshire and back. Both myself and my 13 year old were captivated by the story that features a 19 year old deadbeat of a main character and a coffee drinking dog and a mystery involving 12 playing cards.

I drove him to and from school all this past week so we could listen to the chapters - we drove in silence as the story continued to hold us and make us laugh and smile...and think. We finally finished the book in our driveway - and since the main character Ed is a cabdriver - there was something fitting about it.

Read it. Or listen to it, which for me was a delight because Mr. Zusac is Australian and the actor who read the book was an Aussie giving the flavor of the story with his accent. (I love an Australian accent - and this guy was great!)

And now...I mow my lawn.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


"I still can't believe I am an author."

It hits me everyday. At every book sale or kid's letter to me, or new review (this one is my favorite of all times I think).

But what has really made me smile in that 1o year old, beaming-proudly way is this: I am part of the SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIRS. I still remember getting those wonderful newsprint sheets that get sent home so we can check the little boxes next to the books we'll get. I remember it all - the joy of choosing my own books, the anticipation... and then getting the books handed out and then rushed home to be devoured.

I'm now on that sheet of newsprint. And the kid in me can't wait to get home and tell me all about it - hoping beyond hope to check as many boxes as I want!