Sunday, November 26, 2006


I had planned to share PART 2 of my writer's trip to Tecumseh, but real-life deadlines collided with turkey and mashed potatoes creating a mess too delicious to ignore.

Today (at long last) I send in my revision of the Disney Channel movie and hope it goes down as creamy as my wife's pumpkin pie. (Ooh. Maybe I should send a pie with the draft....?)

Anyway, later in the week I'll describe my Tecumseh writer's workshops which, considering I was working with 5th graders, was a fun and incredibly goofy experience.

Monday, November 20, 2006


I just had an amazing week.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday I had the pleasure of being the “Writer In Residence” at the Cross Timbers Elementary School in Tecumseh, Oklahoma. The wonderful school librarian, Jami Gates had asked me over a year ago to participate as part of Children’s Book Week – and of course I said, “yeeha yes!”

Arriving at the school Tuesday morning (after calling from a tiny gas station telling them I was very lost – note to authors: never trust MAPQUEST to get you there!) I was greeted by an assembly of pajama-clad kids ready to hear me read and answer questions. These 4th graders were attentive and excited – a killer combo for a visiting writer.

I was prepared to read and do workshops – but I’ve got admit, I was blown away by the POND SCUM-ification of the school. The 3rd, 4th and 5th grade doors had been decorated by the kids, hallways had homemade crows dangling in-flight, and on Wednesday (Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character Day) I met kids dressed like characters in my book (and Judy Moody, Pippi Longstocking, Dorothy, a Star Wars Stormtrooper, etc…)

Remember folks – I live in my basement office. I don’t get out much. Those of you who teach or work in libraries get the daily rush of kid-citement. Me? I was surrounded by eager minds and kids bursting with questions and an overall sense of ownership: I was THEIR AUTHOR – for 2 days anyway, and I admit they were MY STUDENTS.

Today’s post is a heart-felt thank you to the kids, teachers and staff of Cross Timbers. I had an amazing two days in your hallways, classrooms and cafeteria (love those corndogs!)

Tomorrow: I’ll tell you about the WRITING WORKSHOPS!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Don't know how you all plan to celebrate but I'm off to Oklahoma at the invitation of a fantastic school librarian by the name of Jami Gates. I've been invited to be a "writer in residence" at the Cross Timbers Elementary School in Tecumseh for a couple of days where I'll be doing some Pond Scum reading and creative writer workshopping and I even have a local library visit thrown in too!

I've never had the pleasure of participating in Children's Book Week (certainly not as an author) but I couldn't think of a better way to be involved. In case you're stuck trying to figure out how to celebrate - here are some ideas from the Children's Book Council!

Can't wait to tell you all about the visit. The school has theme days all week; while I'm there Tuesday is Pajama Day and Wednesday is Come to School As Your Favorite Book Character Day. Big fun!!!!

Happy Children's Book Week to everyone!
Reading Rocks!