Monday, October 29, 2012

MY BOOKS - tease

Spent the morning playing around as I gear up to revamp my website. With THE AWESOME ALMOST 100% TRUE ADVENTURES of MATT and CRAZ getting closer to pub date (April 2013!) I think it is time to think about changing the look of my website.

I created this little teaser that puts all of my books into one small package. Not sure where to put it - so for now, this is as good a spot as any!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WRITE ON! With or Without Outlines

Thanks to a wonderful group of writers and illustrators I had an inspiring weekend as one of the presenters at the SCBWI Canada East conference this past weekend in Ottawa. I was excited to give the opening keynote which I titled, "Hansel & Gretel Never Had Deadlines: My Writer's Process Getting Lost In The Woods". Using some cartoons of mine and many examples from my own publishing journey I gave a 50 minute talk (phew!) on the benefits of writing without always knowing where it is you are headed.

Here's a little animation I created when I got home from the conference that uses my closing lines as inspiration.