Thursday, August 07, 2008


I don't have time for a FULL post - so thought I'd share a cartoon I just did in James Thurber's attic - and the passage that goes with it from my current project, MILO.

I am not one of those “honor roll” kids, whose hand is always in the air and knows the answers without even hearing the full question. Those kids kill me because they like the sound of their own voices so much they raise their hands just to sneeze. I bet if they counted how many words they say everyday it would be in the millions because they never shut up!

(from MILO - being completed at the Thurber House Summer 2008)

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Kate said...

Hi Alan! Wanted to thank you again for stopping by for our book discussion. It was a blast. I'm going to have a hard time topping Pond Scum. I just got back from a much needed summer vacation. We librarians have the opposite schedule of school teachers. We're getting ready to coast into September and relax before all the hard term papers are assigned and due in October. Best wishes with Milo. We'll be buying a TON of copies. And we're going to start a campaign to get a Pond Scum sequel.