Monday, August 28, 2006


1) Write.
2) Don't Decide to Sell Your House.

Since disobeying Rule #2, Rule #1 became moot.

Trying to find a calm place in my head to weave stories while spackling holes and wondering about paint colors has created a whirling dervish of anxiety that makes the task of creating fiction an impossible task.

Staring at stacks of odds and ends (mostly odds) makes my inner child collapse in the corner and render me motionless at accomplishing any tasks that don't have to do with consuming food.

Why share this? Because, even in my state of inertia I am reading other blogs and noticing that people are actually finding time to write and link, while I stare out the window waiting for some Mary Poppins-like magic to get rid of all my clutter (and update my Blog).

So there. I've written something and now feel like I've made a dent somehow in my pile of things needing to be done. Inner child is happy - he can now eat more sugar!

Oh. And getting first round of Disney Channel notes later today - so am hoping the house will be clean and un-cluttered by then.


Gregory K. said...

Personally, I've learned to embrace the forced periods of unproductivity rather than fight it. And comparisons? Well, really, now, you'll always fall short of my output, so what's the point?

Huh. My desk is messy. Time to clean. Oh, and the kitchen....

SilberBook-Blog said...

Thanks Greg- I like the zen of not fighting with myself. And as for output - does it really matter when I can now say, "I've repainted my porch!"

Maybe I can get a book deal from this?....Or a sitcom... (my spackling is more like throwing mud - and I sanded my stairs only to ruin them...)

I think the Home Depot folks will be more pleased than me once I get back to my book.

Jen Robinson said...

Hi Alan,

Happy BlogDay! I linked to you here.

SilberBook-Blog said...

So - here it is 3 days after the official August 30th Blog Day - and I just found out I got tagged. Due to my new work-ethic (more on this later) I have lacked the time and brain resources to even check my own blog!

Thanks Jen for the tag - and my guilt-o-meter is now rising high - maybe I'll break rules and tag five more anyway...if the paint on my porch dries fast enough.

thanks - alan

TOR Hershman said...
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