Sunday, August 20, 2006


Hey, did you know that if you checkmark a box somewhere on the blogger set-up screen you then have to go "moderate comments" so that they actually show up?

Well I KNOW you all know that....But I just found out why all of my childhood insecurities about popularity and getting picked last came to a head in the blogosphere here...I figured my recent posts (some of which actually included writer stuff) were dull rejects on the path of urls. response to all who responded and now are posted....Thanks for your comments. I even intend to go back and respond to your responses.

Learning curve: 6
Feeling Dumb: 9


Adrienne said...

It's kind of ironic that a lot of us who are out there blogging every day have very little idea how any of this software actually works. I always say that my site only exists due to a series of lucky accidents, and I try not to mess with it too much for fear that it will all suddenly decide to stop functioning. I feel the same way about my TV/DVD/VCR setup.

SilberBook-Blog said...

The sad part for me - I'm pretty good with the techie stuff. I'm just so typically male in my approach. I CONQUER without reading all the directions!

I suppose I need to learn the nuance of follow through!

By the way; LOVED your Queen Amidala Diary post! Are there more of them?


Jen Robinson said...

Alan, you are far from the first person to have this happen to them, and you certainly won't be the last. But I'm sure people will be happy to start seeing their comments show up on your blog!

SilberBook-Blog said...

Thanks Jen -

I can't wait to discover my next error. How else to learn?

Not sure if you're a Sox fan, but after this weekend with NY...(sigh)...

Lastly: Just finished Book Thief - what should I read next?

Disco Mermaids said...

You felt your childhood insecurities coming back...mine came roaring back, too! I thought I wasn't popular enough for you to "approve" my comments.

Here's to a quick learning curve!

- Jay

SilberBook-Blog said...

Jay, and I quote: "hahahaha"

Yeah, I'm finding blogging feels much like jr high when notes got passed around and left at lockers and if you weren't "getting any" had to do with hand-written notes!

sorry if I brought up old trauma.


alvina said...

I just read and enjoyed An Abudance of Katherines by John Green....or, I could recommend some of my babies, like IN THE BREAK and FIREGIRL...

Thanks for the link, by the way.

And as a Bosox fan, I feel your pain, although I haven't really been following this season.

Adrienne said...

Glad you're enjoying Queen Amidala! :)

I do, indeed, have more. Here's a link:

They're a bit out of order. I think the best thing to do is read from the bottom to the top of the page.

Gregory K. said...

I'm confused -- are you, Jen, and Alvina saying that major league baseball still exists? I hadn't realized it continued after the 2004 World Series. This is shocking to me....