Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Finally. Done. Disney script handed in, which means I can float in the pool and tell myself what a puctual, creative and god-like writer I am.

Okay. 1) I have no pool unless you count the basin of mosquito-infested water sitting in the wooden barrel my wife "rolled" home last summer, 2) I don't really think I'm "god-like", I'm much more "false-idol" worthy, and 3) being done never means much more than a quick five-fingered pat on the ol' back before jumping back into the moving traffic of writing other stuff.

In this case I am ecstatic to get back to BOOK #2 and see what the characters have been doing while I left them in the lurch. Hopefully they are past their abandonement issues, have wonderful secets to tell me and none of them have been abducted by brain-altering aliens from the planet Schmootz (tho on second thought - could be interesting).

Of course, there's this part of me that is anxious aboutwhat I'll find when I peek back under the lid. What if my characters have packed their bags and split? What if the story no longer even reads well? What if I CAN'T WRITE A SINGLE WORD!!!! (Hey, I'm a writer - insecurities are part of the job.)

Rambling over. I feel better. Time to go before I find more ways to not start again!


Adrienne said...

Congratulations! You should celebrate with an extra cup of coffee or perhaps some extra-fancy coffee. It will help with the character anxiety, too. I always think the caffeine makes me a little smarter (she says while taking a sip...). ;)

Erin said...

What's the name of the movie you wrote a script for?

(Here thru the Blue Rose Girls)

Gregory K. said...

There's nothing quite like that five-fingered pat, however. That 2 second period where we revel in accomplishment is part of what keeps us going, I'm sure!

Gregory K. said...

I heard a great interview with Jack Lemmon once where he said that every time he finished a film and got home feeling great, he'd wake up the next morning in a panic and call his agent and say "what if I never work again?????"

OK, it woulda been better if he said "never act again" but the point is the same.

I, of course, have NEVER had even a MOMENT of such questioning. Noooooooo. Never.

SilberBook-Blog said...

If you've seen my POST where I claim my ignorance - you know I missed seeing any of these posts.

So.. in order:
Adrienne: not only did I do a second iced espresso - I added an extra shot! (jitters ensued - but well worth it!)

erin: the script is called DADNAPPED...and the details are being kept "underwraps"....for now!

greg k. A) yup. I know you know the self-pat posturing survival in the "biz" takes.

B) as I adore all of Jack Lemmon's work - the quote is perfect and so true it makes me want to stay in bed! N ow - I'm in the next phase of the process, waiting for notes - which I enjoy as much as going to the dentist...

thanks all!