Thursday, June 12, 2008


This is the face of an amazing teacher (and several partial faces of her equally amazing class!) Oh, and that's me in the corner taking the picture!

A few days ago I had the best time doing my FIRST web-chat with a class. Lori Lacombe, who by the way does an AMAZING crow call (as featured in my book!) first contacted me back in February to tell me that she and her 6th graders at Leonard Middle School in Old Town, Maine were loving POND SCUM. She sent along some class questions - which I promptly answered by email - and then she and I kept in touch as they kept reading and the year progressed.

Well we finally all "MET" the other day using i-Chat (Thanks again Mr. Keane for your techno-savvy). It was my first school visit where all I had to do was sit at my desk (which I straightened up just in case the camera caught a glimpse of my organization mess) and it was a total blast! I admit it was also kind of weird because I never knew whether I should be looking at the camera or the screen - so the whole "eye-contact" thing might've been a bit wonky.

The class asked thoughtful (and silly) questions and we got to discuss some of the deeper themes of the book: making connections; making friends; finding yourself - especially at an age that can make all of those things seem hopeless.

Thank you again Ms. Lacombe and thanks to the whole class for chatting and for for making new connections with me.

Happy Summer Reading!

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