Sunday, June 29, 2008


(I've had requests to re-post my POND SCUM book trailer so -
CLICK the PIC to see it!)

My son leaves for camp in 2 days - which on my summer calendar is the first of two big "X" marks. The second "X" of course is my departure date to drive to Columbus, Ohio for my whole month of writing, cartooning and teaching as the James Thurber House Children's Author is Residence.

If all my Google-maps go as planned - I'll be arriving Saturday the 19th of July, which is highlighted brightly on my calendar like the Grand Marshall of my Summer parade!

Of course things still need to get done. My plate of other work needs to get cleared. The lawn needs to be mowed. And there are many movies to be seen before now and then.

But mid-July is looming and I can't wait to start this exciting trip and have a whole month of writing time while living at the Thurber House!

I've already thanked Lisa Yee for her lovely welcome letter. But a second shout-out of gratitude goes to local teacher/bloggers Mary Lee and Franki at the YEAR OF READING blog, who have also extended tour-guide invitations that include ice cream.

It's going to be a fantastic month! (and I say a yummy "Yes!" to ice cream!)


Doctor said...

Sounds like it's going to be an amazing experience!

(Have an ice cream for me....and write, write, write!)

Carl in Charlotte said...

You go, Alan! Blog about it--when and if you get time!! We'd all love to hear aobut it.

SilberBook-Blog said...

Thanks Carl - I plan to do a daily post - which will probably be every other day or three... It's going to be so great - I can't wait!