Wednesday, January 09, 2008


The thing about being a writer - and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone here - we want to create something meaningful; something that "says something"; something that leaves a low carbon footprint on the world that conveniently has our name on it!

Thanks to my pal Sulli (who once shared an office with me when we were but lads) I have been reminded of my lingering immortality through the above tee-shirt design that was linked to me this morning.

See, one of my early writing jobs in TV was working on the Nickelodeon cartoon DOUG. I knew the show's creator (Jim Jinkins) from when I interned my very first job - and after I found out he'd created this quirky toon I immediately got back in touch and was lucky to get hired to write a bunch of scripts.

Handed the task of writing the script that introduced Doug's favorite band, THE BEETS - I knew there should be a song in the episode and because the band was strange came up with a song called KILLER TOFU. Little did I know that this ode to junk food by way of alien bean curd would become one of the signature hits for the fictional band.

Thanks to Sulli's t-shirt link I did a quick search and found countless music videos by kids lip syncing, a few rock bands doing actual covers, a music video with a huge cardboard "killer tofu" and believe it or not - some kids have customized Guitar Hero with the song!

So here's the thing - yeah, thanks to POND SCUM I got my name in the Library of Congress. But it's Killer Tofu that's got me rockin' on forever!

Ah-Ee-Ooo....Killer Tofu!!!


xiexieniii said...

Did you really help write the song for Killer Tofu?

I also just stumbled across that shirt and was instantly transported back to the more innocent era of the Nickelodeon '90s. :)

SilberBook-Blog said...

Yes. I wrote the lyrics for it! "I hate my sugar cereal...because it makes my teeth bacterial!"...

Fred Newman wrote the music I think.