Monday, October 30, 2006


I know that's what I am and who I am and what I do. But it has become evident on this BLOG (note lack of ANY new posts lately) and on my SECOND BOOK (gasping from the darkness begging me to come back) that I have succumbed to the worst affliction a creative type can face. LIFE.

You all know what I mean: bills, car pools, school meetings, dog poop - the things that exist to both distract you and make sure you stay grounded in reality. In my case (and here I do mean "our", as my wife is knee-deep in this with me) - we are selling our home. Not a process for the faint at heart - and certainly not half as good a waste of time as say, playing with that darn BUBBLEWRAP thing or watching hysterical book-themed CARTOONS. I drown in realtors and painters and people visiting my house while I am "writing" I must accept that LIFE wins. I'm still trying - and making forward movement on the Disney Channel movie (slow but steady-ish). I even took a deep breath and showed my first 7 chapters of BOOK TWO to a select few, who are all now egging me on to get back to it. Which I will. As soon as LIFE stops BUGGING ME!

This too shall pass...and in its place....WORDS.


Jen Robinson said...

That life thing definitely can get in the way. I've found lately that I have hardly any time to blog, or visit blogs, let alone read books. I can't even imagine truly trying to do something creative in the midst of real life chaos. Good luck with the house!

Anne said...

I feel your pain--deeply. My only advice: you can never have enough bubble wrap.