Sunday, June 25, 2006


So much time between posts can only mean one thing: I was sitting in a cabin in Maine staring at lobster boats and watching the tide taunt me with its ever-changing mind. While away I found some time to write (the second book is coming along nicely and for father's day my family made me action figures of the 4 main characters so that I am always inspired!).

By the way - I read the perfect seaside book there, THE HIGHEST TIDE by Jim Lynch, a thoroughly enjoyable coming-of-age story about a thirteen year old insomniac as much in love with the sea as he is with the older girl next door. The details of Miles O'Malley's forages into the Puget Sound marine habitat are exquisite and the emotional core of the story resonates for anyone who ever felt the pangs of summer loneliness mixed with the stirrings of adolescent growth.

I also checked email and found some lovely surprises, including kind words from kid-lit lioness Jen Robinson and the ever-moving Anne at BOOKBUDS, whose apology for not getting around to reading POND SCUM was hysterical (and no you are not Pond Scum for packing it away in moving boxes!!!)

POND SCUM continues to show up on Summer Reading lists and when I check with libraries around the US, it is usually checked out or on hold. Thanks again to you fabulous Librarians, Teachers, Parents, Bookstore folks and most of all READERS.

Spreading the word keeps the words spreading - speaking of which, back to the keyboard. My Action Figures are calling to me!

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