Monday, June 12, 2006


With one week to go before my son gets out of school (3 and a half days actually) - SUMMER finally seems here. Of course in Montreal the weather seems more like fall with wet cool grass and a sun that enjoys playing hide and seek. I know as soon as the peepers start making their nocturnal noise and the cicadas kick into gear- it's time to crank out the summer books and start wandering through the pages.

I'm always reminded of the summer I had to switch schools (4th grade) and got my first bona fide "reading list": 'Treasure Island' sticks out as the book that stuck me on the couch and didn't let me go. Just finished reading "Sea of Monsters" and really love what Rick Riordan is doing. Such a great twist on mythology with a real hero who seems like a kid you really could be sitting next to in class.

Let me know what SUMMER BOOKS have grabbed you. I'm always looking for a good one!

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