Monday, May 25, 2009


I see the Snoopy dance in my head as I write this post. I just got the edit notes from Aladdin and feel like dancing in tight circles with my head in the air. Of course no one (and I mean NO ONE) wants to see me actually dance - so doin' THE MILO will have to express it for me.

I am so lucky. I have a wonderful agent who helped introduce MILO to the one editor he needed to meet. I am even luckier because that one editor is the most amazing, generous, intelligent person I have encountered in my travels in Book-land. Did I mention her love of Batman? Talk about icing on the cake!

I am still reeling from the notes. By the way, it's the good kind of reeling because I'm knocked out by the positive feedback and praise of my writing. And because this story is so personal to me - praise for the story is affirmation on a monumental level. A healing is taking place and it's a deep, deep wound.

I have nothing to complain about even the notes that say "lose this", "tighten that", "show don't tell"(ugh - I'm such a teller). Gracious. She is more than that because her notes also read "heartbreaking", "beautiful", "amazing". I know, it's like being back in high school where you scan the margins of your paper looking for the red check-marks, praying not to see the dreaded BLACK PEN. But Doin' The Milo means basking in the glow of being a writer and right now that means moving through the maze toward the next step - EDITING.

I have to just say that I feel so fortunate to be playing the part of the writer in this chapter of my life. I am also infinitely grateful for my agent and in love with my editor (platonic and healthy love that is).

Last - I'm just plain psyched and since you all can't see me - I might just do THE MILO right here and now!...Oh yeah!


adrienne said...

I'll do a little dance, too--quietly, in my office, where no one can see me. :) Really, great news!

TJ Googins said...

hello alan - just stumbled upon your blog and have added it to my list - i enjoyed reading your recent posting and plan to read as many of your earlier posts soon - sounds like things are going well and i offer my congrats and virtual support in your endeavors - i am working (percolating is more like it) on several projects as i seek employment (selling hot dogs on the sidewalk sounds like an adventure in futility) but like the blind guy says to Cary Grant in "The Bishop's Wife," : "You see, I have hopes..."
take care, keep up the great work!
t j buckley

SilberBook-Blog said...

Thanks TJ - it's nice to "meet" you too.

Anonymous said...

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