Saturday, February 14, 2009


It's time. After 2 years - 4 drafts - numerous notes - and who knows how many hours in edit suites (probably tons) - the movie that I wrote for the Disney Channel will be airing Monday night at 8:00pm e.s.t.

It's exciting to know that the characters I made up and the story I plunked them into will finally be alive and in color and the subject of online debate and comments from tweens all over the world.

DADNAPPED began as a one sentence idea I had years ago: What if a girl had to compete for her father's attention with a fictional character that the father felt closer to.

In the movie - Melissa (played by the wonderful Emily Osment from Hanna Montana) despises that her father's success as an author comes from the series of books that feature Tripp Zoome, a super-slick teen James Bond type of kid who is so popular fan-conventions are devoted to him. Dragged along on a vacation with her dad, Melissa is confronted by her fictional nemesis, Tripp Zoome, when her father makes a "quick stop" at a Zoomer Convention, where he gets kidnapped by a bunch of teen fans desperate to prove they are Zoome Worthy!

Forced to prove she is just as clever as "Tripp" Melissa teams up with some Zoome-maniacs and figures out how to get her father back!

I haven't seen the movie yet - but the trailers look fun and the Disney Channel is promoting it as part of their "Night Of Stars". I'll be watching Monday night.

Hope you will be too!


Jen Robinson said...

I just set it on my DVR!

Jay Asher said...

After following the progress of this movie on your blog, I can't wait to finally watch it! I'll be spending some quality time Monday night watching DTV and eating Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby.


adrienne said...

Rats! I don't have cable! If I know Disney, though, it will be on DVD before too long. Way to go, you!

SilberBook-Blog said...

Thanks everyone - I appreciate the support! (sitting on couch waiting nervously....)


Susy said...

they aired it again today and I love it!