Friday, October 10, 2008


Okay Writers - here's the deal: Yes, we hear voices. But remember - we're not CRAZY. We're "CREATIVE"!

To me "I hear voices" has become the "I see dead people" secret that I carry around to help make sense of my world.

I can handle the voices that just go on and on babbling in character about mundane life stuff or what flavor ice cream they (the character) should eat in the next chapter. This BABBLE-VOICE I can tune out no problemo. It's the OTHER voice that drives me nuts - the one that suddenly just SHOWS UP like a loud unwanted guest who only brings a stale coffee cake.

I acknowledge that all voices help us work on creative problems - our characters want to break through to the other side and communicate something fresh and new, a hopeful insight or astonishing plot-pointed twist!

But I'm not good with spontaneity in any part of my life - and these sudden subconscious arrivals are not always helpful especially when I'm not in the best place to listen: like when I'm slicing veggies with the sharpest knife we own or I'm walking down a flight of stairs carrying a heavy laundry basket on my mission of making the whites whiter. Sure I'm always thankful for the help - but really, why does this voice have to give me a shout out now? Is it so I have something to think about while waiting for the paramedics to arrive because I am now at the bottom of the stairs laying in a pile of dirty socks and underwear?

Don't get me wrong - like you, I make a living hearing voices and I wouldn't have it any other way. (Sometimes the only one I talk to all day is inside my brain!) It's just sometimes I wish I could get a little warning that it's time to listen - maybe a post card with an ETA or a formal invitation with an RSVP might be nice.

But no matter what I wish for - I know the voices are on their own timetable and have their own agendas and sometimes need to shock me so I really pay attention no matter what vein I have just sliced while trying to dice carrots.

I guess it's a small price to pay for good ideas and forward movement in the work I love so much.


adrienne said...

Along the same lines, isn't it annoying when the voices don't talk about what you want them to talk about? So irritating.

SilberBook-Blog said...

Yes! Like when they tell you to go eat a tub of ice cream right before you go to the gym....or talk you into seeing a movie "they" want to see even though YOu know better.

Anonymous said...

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