Friday, February 22, 2008


It's snowing. Again. Which is on top of the "it's snowing again...and again...and again" that has become the mantra of this 2008 season of woe (or "whoa!" which is what I want to yell at the sky...again!)

It's not that I don't like Winter. Okay, that's exactly what it is. I hate Winter - and it certainly hates me. The sheer effort of the layers and sneezing and blankets and hot drinks that burn my tongue so that it doesn't regain taste until sometime around late April or early May - around the time ice cream is palatable again - thank you very much.

Winter drags on. Writing suffers. Exercise suffers. My family suffers (listening to me talk about Florida or Honduras or any number of desirably warmer locales than this one.)

And because I live in Montreal - Winter may be on the wane - but it's not even March and the promise of being able to wear less layers is months away. If we're lucky.

It's snowing again. I have things to get done. Shoveling is one of them. Looking for warm socks is another. Googling the temperatures of cities warmer than mine - that's just too depressing. But I might just take a peek anyway. Because anyplace warmer than here must be a happy place to live...minus any political- economic- social negatives, that is.

It's snowing again. And it will snow again after this. And you know what? I'll still be looking for warmer socks and burning my tongue on hot tea...and if I'm lucky it will be an early spring mid-May - so I might as well quit complaining and get back to work - and take the dog for a walk in the beautiful new snowfall.



adrienne said...

In WNY it's ice and ice and ice. I can't tell you the number of times I've had to use a screwdriver to chip the ice of my mailbox this winter just so I could get my mail. Winter gets relentless in February. At least we usually get a day or two that lets us know it might be spring sometime in March. I'm looking forward to that.

(A friend also said she's been seeing robins around her home in Virginia. That seems a step in the right direction.)

Sullicom said...

We're within a week of the first baseball GAMES in spring training, so that should give everyone hope. BTW, I've tagged you in a meme. If you're like I was and don't know what that means, come on over to my blog and find out.


SilberBook-Blog said...

Baseball and spring birds - good signs I suppose. But I am a child of immediate demand - and I wants my spring-time now!...Okay, I'll settle for a little spring-training baseball, Sulli. It calms my nerves a bit. And Adrienne, the thought of robins in Virginia...well, it makes me see the green grass a'coming nad now I want to move again.

BUT...Montreal has whispers of the great "yet to come" when clothes get shed and people take to the streets for whole months at a time.

And that's got to be good enough for me. For now. Until I can see my yard again anyway!