Thursday, December 06, 2007


I disappeared this fall and even my semi-random posting became near extinct.The reason for my "now you see me - now you don't" blogging? That guy you're looking at - MILO.

After two failed (for now) starts on second books - I began something in August that soon turned into something else; a novel with my cartoons that is a journey of exploration and humor that helped me unlock doors and draw new connections to my own life through the fictitious one of someone else, MILO.

I gave myself a goal, a deadline on the end of the year to finish this funny book - and though the going was rough due to some of the unexpected emotional road blocks that pop up from re-experiencing the memory of what was - I was on track to meet my deadline (shock!).

The sudden learning that my wonderful agent Jill Grinberg was having a second baby - soon - pushed me into an even higher gear so that she could give my own baby the attention I need before her own new one is due.

And yesterday - MILO was sent off for his first read (after my wife of course) and I am proud and fulfilled to have told his story, while being able to liberate my own.

The cartoons add humor and emotion and will be scattered throughout. I'm very excited about that part - and holding my breath, counting backwards from a million, doing laundry, cleaning my office - trying not to think about when I'll hear back from Jill.

More on MILO soon....


web said...

I like the look!

(I wanted to name my son Milo, but my husband disagreed. Hrumph.I always thought my kid would have a proper Children's Literature name.)

SilberBook-Blog said...

So...what did you name him (if you don't mind the prying!)?

And thanks for the comment about the "look"

adrienne said...

Congrats on the finish! I'll be looking forward to hearing more about Milo soon! :)

Santa Fe Dan said...

Bill Cosby pointed out that having one child isn't really having children. My excellent point is that you now have TWO - count em - TWO novels under your belt, and so you no longer fall under the one-child rule. That is monumental! And of course meaningless. But much more monumental than meaningless. By a lot. So congratulations. I'm eagerly awaiting a visit from Milo.