Tuesday, September 18, 2007


DADNAPPED has a star!

And I couldn't be happier about it. Emily Osment, who plays Lilly on Disney Channel's "Hannah Montana" is going to play Melissa, the main character in my movie. She is such the perfect choice for this role of a smart, head-strong teen, who wants to connect with her father.

In DADNAPPED, Melissa has to compete for her father's attention with Tripp Zoome, a fictional teen character who is the "star" of her dad's action/spy books. Once a bunch of teen fans take her father as a goof - it's up to Melissa to find a way to get him back.

I can totally see Emily playing the part and am so glad about her choice to "be" Melissa.

In other news: I've had lots of requests for links to these two animations - so here ya go!


sullicom said...

Very exciting! Moira and Flannery are both big Hannah Montana fans and are anxiously awaiting the release of "Dadnapped," or whatever it will be called.

And can't you get your publisher to sked an author tour to B'more/DC?

Roxy said...

woow! Go Emily!!
I love her ^^

kisses form Spain!!
Good Luck with the Movie!

Nika said...

Hi Alan!

Funny as I found your blog because my daughter didn't get to audition for Aubrey, however, we have been following a thread about Dadnapped in a message forum just out of curiosity.

I have to tell you...I am so happy for you, the story about the ladies at the coffee shop and all that is happening to you with the film. FANTASTIC! I want you to know...from a complete stranger...I support you and hope that you succeed.

Pond Scum looks awesome, I am curious of the recommended reading age? My daughter, an avid reader is just 9 but reads on a 6th grade level... what do you think? ANd...she is also a huge HP fan. You sound like a great guy...I wish you the best! Have fun on the shoot once you get rolling. And I will continue to read your blog as a behind the scenes cheerleader!

Best - Nika

Nika said...

Audrey...not Aubrey. Bad typo, bad......

SilberBook-Blog said...

Nika -So glad you've been "following the Dadnapped trail." Stay tuned for more posts about the looooong journey from idea to actual movie this story has taken.

And thanks for the nice comments about my own journey. As for POND SCUM - if your daughter likes funny books that also have great characters and an environmental theme underneath...by all means, it's a book for you!

Lisa A. said...

Dear Alan:

Congratulations on your movie Dadnapped! We're delighted to host the cast and crew. You have changed our Main Street into a work of art. This set resembles the kind of feel of how a historic hometown main street should be.

The folks from the Utah Film Commission, Salty Pictures, and Hollywood production crew have been kind, friendly, and all around great to this community.

We look forward to the finished product and have been glad to assist your location site managers with their needs while here. We hope to work with you good people in the future. Thank you for bringing Magna (aka Mercury) into the positive light of film. This area has aesthetic appeal and an ebb of energy reminicient of the homesteaders from the early 19th century.

We'll be watching in January!


Lisa A. Henrie
Exec. Dir.
Magna Chamber of Commerce
Magna, Utah

Did you know:

Magna is Latin for 'Great'

This town was settled in 1851

"Touched by an Angel" and "The American Pasttime" filmed on the very same main street as Dadnapped

SilberBook-Blog said...

Thanks for the update Lisa. As a writer one gives birth to the baby and then steps out of the way to let the director and crew give it life. What a delightful description you provided. I can't wait to see the result!

I am so glad something that began in my brain can give your town's main drag into a "work of art"!

Thanks again.