Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Florida and I go way back. I worked there. Lived there. Vacationed there. Helped my in-laws move after the hurricanes there.

Add to that the first sighting of a certain paperback book bearing my name!

Yup. I just got back from a 10 day escape from Montreal's winter. We figure once you get past February's wicked hump - spring is only a scant 4 months away up here where it starts getting warm in June!

It was a great trip that began as a solo romp with my son - where we spent 3 exhausting days playing at my old stomping grounds of DisneyWorld (yay, Tower of Terror!) I got to have dinner with old friends (thanks again Diane for the travel mix-tape!). Then off to south Florida where my wife joined up at her folks and we gorged on fried fish and chips. While at my in-laws we took an afternoon trip to a bookstore and there I had the pleasure of discovering my PAPERBACK on the shelves of Barnes and Nobles.

I am thrilled (of course!) And after finding the book properly shelved - we immediately turned the book to show the cover, which I urge everyone to do!


The Buried Editor said...

At the B&N where I work part-time (you can't beat their benefits), I found your new paperback on the shelf yesterday. I was so excited, I immediately moved it to my staff rec in the kid's section. I haven't had a chance to hand sell it yet, but I have high hopes for Friday.

(And it doesn't get warm until June! I'm so jealous. I had to pack my sweaters up yesterday. It's just gotten to hot down here in Texas.)


SilberBook-Blog said...

Hmm. I already responded to this post - so if 2 blurbs show up - my apologies. (maybe my switch to new Blogger is a boo-boo)

Anyway - Madeline - thanks for the response and I could only hope to clone you and send you to every B&N (and any other book store) to place P.Scum in prominent display.

Glad to see your blogging again.